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Womb Cave and Kostinsko Gorge

One of the most mysterious Thracian sanctuaries in Bulgaria – the Womb cave – is located about 25 km northwest of the city of Kardzhali. It is located high in the rocks above the artificial lake of Kardzhali. The cave is actually a natural groove which was shaped in the form of a woman’s womb by the time when the people honored the rock and the God Sun. The cave was used for religious rituals and cult activities to the God Sun. The cave can be easily reached on a nature trail starting from the hut “Borovitsa” at the bank of the lake, and climbing to the cave for about 1,30 hour. After the cave the trail goes uphill, through the forest to the other side of the hill, passes through several villages and enters the Kostinsko gorge. The gorge is picturesque and cool – there are rocky formations, small river and waterfalls, and goes to the main road north of the village of Dazhdovnitsa.