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Wild Experience in Studen kladenets area

The Deer reserve “Studen kladenets” is the Rhodope savannah where Red deer, Fallow deer, European bison and Wild boar roam around freely. The reserve is located on the southern bank of the artificial lake Studen kladenets. It features its great ecotourism services out of the hunting season. In Studen kladenets you don’t just bring the nature closer, you become part of it. This is the home to an impressive diversity of species like cormorants, black storks, Griffon vultures, White-tailed eagle, etc. Also check the bank of the lake as well as the small gulfs for otters, which are regularly seen around. The TransRhodope bike trail crosses the reserve (marked with red painting). The turtles and reptiles are permanent inhabitants. Kayaking and boating adventures are for all who love to admire nature from the water. Photo safari, a walking tour or outdoors camping – just pick up your favorite and enjoy the wild nature.