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The wide variety of unique landmarks, preserved natural environment, the wealth of clean water resources and the impressive archaeological sites and historical monuments make the area of the Eastern Rhodopes one of the most unique, most wanted and most exciting tourist regions in Bulgaria.
Here, the clean and preserved nature, the very rich biodiversity, the unique views, the clear rivers and calm and beautiful waters, the clean air and the spectacular panoramas ensure exotic and unforgettable excursions and experiences.
Only here, in the Eastern Rhodopes are reserved communities and populations of many species of European and worldwide significance. There are a lot of rare and endangered plant and animal species, endemic and relict species. A great variety of valuable medicinal plants grows here. Rivers and lakes are full of fish. Unique to the region are the negative air ionization and thick ozone layer.
Thousands of years the people live here in harmony with nature. They are preserving the wildlife nature, the clean of waters, the incredible variety of plants and animals and the authentic atmosphere and spirit with love and hospitality.


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