Eastern Rhodopes

Eastern Rhodopes are the richest mountains of megalithic monuments in Bulgaria . The people call them “Land of the rock people” – the first people inhabited this land long time ago and were studied by the archaeologists. Along the Arda River and elsewhere in the Rhodopes many ancient monuments have been found .

Eastern world of the Rhodope Mountains attracts more travelers seeking adventure among the well-preserved nature. The fauna and flora in the Eastern Rhodopes are influenced both by the Mediterranean and continental climate, which has led to the formation of a unique natural environment between Europe and Asia. The soft shapes and stunning landscapes, as well as mystical shrines and vultures roaming in the sky , make the Eastern Rhodopes an attractive eco tourism destination.

A diversity of natural beauties and activities awaits you, but also a possibility for just unwind and relax, surrounded by lovely scenery. So pack your suitcase, hop on a plane and come to explore this unique corner of Europe.


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The wide variety of unique landmarks, preserved natural environment, the wealth of clean water resources and the impressive archaeological sites and historical monuments make...

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