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Megaliths in the Rhodopes

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Megalithic monuments in the Rhodopes have incredible energy which allows you to touch another civilization. The dolmens are great monuments from this megalithic epoque. They are tombs made by huge rock blocks beaten into the ground. Also part of these times were the rocky sanctuaries, which are found in every stronghold and every megalithic complex in the Eastern Rhodopes. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The Megalithic culture can be found in temples, and caves carved in the rocks. Some of them had the role of wombs which were “fertilized” by the God Sun. Interesting are the thousands of trapezoidal holes carved high in the sacred rock of the mountain.

Remarkable is the rock in the picturesque “Dambala” area (“damlala” – from damla – drop) in the Municipality of Momchilgrad. The rock is high and a water flows on it. The water is considered to be healing. Every 6 May night, exactly at 00:00 ’clock, the water springs from the rock and becomes healing. This is the time when thousands of people from all Bulgaria come to drink and take some at home.