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Lake and game reserve “Studen kladenets”

Lake “Studen kladenets” is a place of exceptional beauty with panorama views, interesting rocks, roaming birds of pray and rich biodiversity. The lake begins after the city of Kardzhali and ends at the dam near the village of Studen kladenets. Nature sites Sredna Arda, Yumruk skala and Golemiya sipey are ranged on its left shore. On the right (southern) shore of the lake is the game reserve Studen kladenets. In out of the hunting season you can enjoy this very special preserved natural setting. From the western border of the reserve you can admire spectacular views of lake Studen Kladenets, Sredna Arda, and Yumruk Skala. The reserve is famous for its enormous population of fallow deer. This wilderness area is also home to red deer, roe deer, European bison, otter, wild boar, fox, wild horses, and many other species. Vultures, black storks, and white-tailed eagles are regularly seen roaming the sky, while wolves come over from the neighboring Valchi Dol Nature Reserve located just a few flaps of the wings to the east. Among travel services are nature walking tours, wildlife photography, horse riding, hiking and biking tours, kayaking, and boat tours to show off the remarkable area.