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Culinary experience in the Rhodopes

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The Rhodopes features their exclusive mixture of culinary treasures from the Balkan, Thracian and Oriental cuisine. Besides these we also have typical Rhodope meals. If you ever visit the Rhodopes mountains, its is a must to taste the “washed” banitsa (specific way of making a pastry), fried carp or mekitsi (another pastry). We have more that 33 ways of making a pastry (banitsa) here – with rice, with beans, with meat, with pumpkin, with spinach, with potato, with manna croup, washed, wounded, etc. All of them are made by local women who keep the recipes from their grand-mothers. There is also a specialized “Banitsa” festival in the month of May in Kardzhali. Besides banitsa you shall taste kachamak, klin, trahana, sarmi, trout baked on a tale, cheverme, baklava, sesame tahini, etc. Ask your hotel or guest house for traditional meals and don’t miss to also try the Rhodope wine from wineries in Stambolovo, Ivaylovgrad and Mezek.