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Chit Kaya at the village of Lisitsite

This is a wonderful destination for one day easy hiking within a diverse scenery. Chit Kaya in fact is the name of a high rocky peak, all covered with holes, carved in the stone during the Thracian epoch. The village of Lisitsite (Foxes) is the closest one – situated on the south bank of Studen kladenets lake, 7 km away from the city of Kardzhali. It is reachable from the side of Shiroko pole village (north bank, see the map). The itinerary goes on a path in a coniferous forest, passes a pedestrian rope bridge over the lake, another path in deciduous forest and through bizarre rocky formations goes up to the peak called Chit Kaya. From the peak you have one of the most amazing views of the Eastern Rhodopes mountains – to the lake Studen kladenets, river Varbitsa, East part of Kardzhali and part of the Monyak fortress. Many itineraries are described HERE, so that you can easily choose your favorite and explore the mountain.