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Madrets is a privately owned lake with a lovely house in a nature setting, located 1 km away from the village of Madrets. It is suitable for small groups and individual tourists. It’s a nice spot for fishing, boating, tenting, picnic in the summer house, fish lunch. The owners provide overnight stays in their guest house in the village of Madrets.


Lake “Studen kladenets” is a place of exceptional beauty with panorama views, interesting rocks, roaming birds of pray and rich biodiversity. The lake begins after the city of Kardzhali and ends at the dam near the village of Studen kladenets. Nature sites Sredna Arda, Yumruk skala and Golemiya sipey are ranged on its left shore. On the right (southern) shore of the lake is the game reserve Studen kladenets. In out of the hunting season you can enjoy this very special preserved natural setting. From the western border of the reserve you can admire spectacular views of lake Studen Kladenets, Sredna Arda, and Yumruk Skala. The reserve is famous for its enormous population of fallow deer. This wilderness area is also home to red deer, roe deer, European bison, otter, wild boar, fox, wild horses, and many other species. Vultures, black storks, and white-tailed eagles are regularly seen roaming the sky, while wolves come over from the neighboring Valchi Dol Nature Reserve located just a few flaps of the wings to the east. Among travel services are nature walking tours, wildlife photography, horse riding, hiking and biking tours, kayaking, and boat tours to show off the remarkable area.

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Lake Kardzhali is Bulgaria’s third largest reservoir with a 24 km leght. The shores of the artificial lake Kardzhali are picturesque and very suitable to relax and outdoor activities. One can enjoy interesting water adventures such as:

  •     Boating in the lake;
  •     Kayaking;
  •     Fishing;
  •     Water wheel or water jet tour.

The dam of the reservoir is also attractive with its arch form and a height of 109 m. Lovely spots for fish meals is the boat-restaurant Emona at the bank of the lake in recreation site of Enchets. The villages of Enchets and Glavatartsi offer nice guest houses and family hotels for all ages and wishes. There is also a hut and suitable places for tenting and camping outdoors.

The city part of Arda river was made into a channel with a water regulating function. The water in the channel is a home of various species, and right next to the channel, is the site of the heron’s colony of Kardzhali. The water treasures of Kardzhali are surrounded by walking and biking trails, parks, relaxing spots, view points, etc.

This is a wonderful destination for one day easy hiking within a diverse scenery. Chit Kaya in fact is the name of a high rocky peak, all covered with holes, carved in the stone during the Thracian epoch. The village of Lisitsite (Foxes) is the closest one – situated on the south bank of Studen kladenets lake, 7 km away from the city of Kardzhali. It is reachable from the side of Shiroko pole village (north bank, see the map). The itinerary goes on a path in a coniferous forest, passes a pedestrian rope bridge over the lake, another path in deciduous forest and through bizarre rocky formations goes up to the peak called Chit Kaya. From the peak you have one of the most amazing views of the Eastern Rhodopes mountains – to the lake Studen kladenets, river Varbitsa, East part of Kardzhali and part of the Monyak fortress. Many itineraries are described HERE, so that you can easily choose your favorite and explore the mountain.

There is a place on Arda river where the scenery looks like a moon surface. This place is famous as the Devil’s canyon and Abrasive wells site which is located right after the dam of the Studen kladenets artificial lake. The area features with volcanic cliffs , abrasive rocks canyon with quartz veins and chalcedony spots and deep black water ripping the rock in two. The location is very picturesque , and rich of rock birds, reptiles and insects. It is attractive for eco and photo tourism , kayaking , hiking and geological tours . At the information center in the village of Studen kladenets one can see the exhibition dedicated to biodiversity of the region , to watch the landscape through a telescope tube, and to hire a nature guide.