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The Old Mosque of Momchilgrad was built some 300 years ago. From that time till now it has always been working religious temple for all Muslim people. The mosque features with its two minarets – it’s the only two minarets mosque in the Eastern Rhodopes.

The mosque is unique of construction technology – it’s constructed without a single nail to be used. It’s declared a monument of culture. It was built in1438 in the village of Podkova, Kirkovo area in the Eastern Rhodopes. It is considered one of the oldest mosques on the Balkan peninsula. The legend says that the mosque was built for just one night by seven young women . That is why its other name is “The Mosque of the Seven Girls”. The mosque is acting temple and one more thing – the locals consider the place to be healing.

“Saint John the Precursor” is a Bulgarian orthodox monastery, located on the right bank of Arda river in the city of Kardzhali, Eastern Rhodopes. The complex was established in the 6th-7th century AD, became episcopal center in the 9th-10th century, and flourished as a medieval Christian center in 13th-14th century. The tomb which was discovered there was of a highly important person in the Byzantine empire, since he was wearing a golden fabric, extremely expensive, by that time made in Constantinople only.

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The church complex “Assumption” is located in the Southern part of the town of Kardzhali (Gledka district). The complex is a great place to visit and relax. It consists of a church from the 20th century, dining room, library, Sunday school, a spacious courtyard and guest rooms. The place is not only active Orthodox church, it is a spiritual refuge – an oasis of tranquility. The church keeps a piece of the Holy Cross.