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House “Madrets” is for all those who love traditions, being a guest in a nice small house, where chatting with the owners is part of the experience. located in the village of Madrets, 8 km east of the archaeological complex of Perperikon. The house offers three guest rooms with a bathroom, green yard, wonderful veranda, summer shelter and stone oven where the owners bake their specialty – a trout baked on a tile. The summer shelter is a great place for lunch and rest after a visiting Perperikon. It takes about 20 minutes to travel from Kardzhali to the village of Mdrets.

Total accommodation of the place is for 6 people. You admire the magnificent view over the Eastern Rhodopes mountains from the veranda of the house. The morning coffee can be both drink at the veranda or under the summer shelter.

The family grows their own vegetables and fruits, does bee keeping and extracts great bee honey. During May and June the man of the house organizes “catching the bees from a swarm” which is a great attraction to visitors. At a small artificial lake nearby the family provides services like fishing, fish picnics, boat tours, traditional meal with cheverme, etc.


Village of Madrets, Kardzhali municipality
tel. +359 899 618 901
House Madrets

The villa is situated some 200 m away from the bank of the lake Kardzhali, near the village of Enchets, Kardzhali area. The villa has 2 floors with guest rooms, and one floor with a spacious living room with a view over the lake. Total number of beds is 13 – 5 DBL rooms, 1 TPL room. There are also 6 extra beds available. The living room has everything needed to cook a meal, to bake something in the barbecue, also big TV screen, air-conditionner and separate toilet. Behind the villa is a nice green yard, there is enough space to park your car.

Contact details

Lake Kardzhali, recreation area Enchets, 7 km west of Kardzhali

Tel: + 359 888 933 449

Web: http://vilatoni.com/

Guest house Orenda is situated in the village of Glavatartsi, 100 m away from the bank of the lake of Kardzhali. The house is self-catering – it provides fully equipped kitchen, dining room with TV, summer garden and parking. Total sleeping space is 26 beds in 5 DBL rooms and 4 two-bedrooms apartments. All rooms have a view over the lake and have TV, balcony and private toilet with shower.

Contact details

village of Glavatartsi, lake Kardzhali, 7 km west of the town of Kardzhali

Tel: + 359 888 263 750; + 359 889 919 025

E-mail: i.naidenov @mail.bg

Web: http://www.orenda-bg.com/

Bolyarka is a complex of 3 separate villas in the village of Glavatartsi, 7 km away from the city of Kardzhali. The bank of the lake is 300 m away from the complex. Two of the villas have 4 DBL rooms each, the third has 2 DBL rooms. All villas have kitchen and dining room, balconies and small summer gardens with a view over the lake. Parking and WiFi is available. Total beds in the three villas are 20.

Contact details

village of Glavatartsi, Lake Kardzhali, 7 km west of the city of Kardzhali

Tel: +359 895 462 726

E-mail: vili_boliarka @mail.bg

Web: http://www.boliarka.net/

The guest house Betula is a self catering house, situated near the bank of the lake kardzhali in the village of Glavatartsi, Kardzhali area. The house offers a beautiful view over the lake Kardzhali, big balconies, spacious summer garden with open air swimming pool, and a private parking lot. The house consists of total of 10 beds in 4 DBL rooms and 1 two-bedrooms apartment, big hall with a fully equipped kitchen, TV screen, WiFi, and relax corner.

Contact details

village of Glavatarsti, lake Kardzhali, 7 km west of the city of Kardzhali

Tel: +359 889 528 420; +359 888 627 563

E-mail: betula_04 @yahoo.com

Web: http://www.guesthouse-betula.com/

Hotel Residence is located 5 km away from the city of Kardzhali, on a panoramic hill above the city, near the main road from Haskovo to Kardzhali through the village of Stremtsi. The hotel is nicely hugged from North by a mixed forest. The accommodation is 27 beds in 8 rooms and 2 apartments. The complex has a big open air swimming pool, summer bar, restaurant, parking lot, WiFi, lobby bar and terrace. Non English speaking staff.

Contact details

5 north-east of the city of Kardzhali,

close to the village of Solishte

T: + 359 988 884 717

Hotel complex Meatsa is located in the district of Vazrozhdentsi in the city of Kardzhali, on the right bank of Arda river. The hotel has 18 rooms and apartments, all equipped with TV, telephone, mini bar, air-conditioner, WiFi, bathroom with hair-dry. Every room is named after a city or country worldwide and brings the atmosphere of the town/country itself. The complex also has a restaurant, summer garden, seminar hall, parking lot. It is suitable for business and transit tourists. Nearby the complex a lot of coffee and beverage shops, boutiques, cosmetics, bank offices, fast food and pharmacies are situated.

Contact details

6600, city of Kardzhali, Vazrozhdentsi district

Tel: +359 361 588 66 ; +359 896 878 958 ; + 359 895 704 770

E-mail: hotelmeatsa @abv.bg

Web: http://www.komplex-meatsa.com/

“Yazovir Kardzhali” (Lake Kardzhali) is a boutique hotel situated not far from the bank of the lake Kardzhali, 7 km west of the city of Kardzhali. The recreation zone Enchets where the hotel is situated has few hotels and features its swimming taverns in the lake Kardzhali. The hotel offers 8 luxury rooms and 4 apartments. All rooms are equipped with TV, WiFi, bath tubes, air-conditioners, and balconies with a lovely view over Kardzhali lake. Some of the apartments have a private sauna. The complex also has a restaurant, summer garden, open air swimming pool, sauna and steam bath, parking lot.

Contact details

Recreation area Enchets at lake Kardzhali

Tel: +359 878 780 330

E-mail: hotelyazovirkadjali @abv.bg

Web: http://yazovir-kardjali.com/