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The impressive complex is near the village of Raven (Momchilgard area), on the left shore of river Kazan dere. It’s an assemble of interesting carvings in the rock at a more than 30 m height. The river forms two picturesque canyons which are called by the local Golemiya Kazan (Big Tank) and Malkiya Kazan (Small tank). Again the rocks and nature form a lovely and unforgettable tourism spot.

The Regional Museum of History in Kardzhali is located in a lovely ancient building which is a monument of culture. It was constructed as a Madrasah (Muslim school) in the beginning of XX century, it was never used for this purpose and in 1980 hosted the exclusive exhibitions of the History Museum. The architecture is oriental – it looks like a Medieval castle. It contains over 45 000 different pieces of art, archaeology, ethnography and culture of the Eastern Rhodopes mountains.

“Saint John the Precursor” is a Bulgarian orthodox monastery, located on the right bank of Arda river in the city of Kardzhali, Eastern Rhodopes. The complex was established in the 6th-7th century AD, became episcopal center in the 9th-10th century, and flourished as a medieval Christian center in 13th-14th century. The tomb which was discovered there was of a highly important person in the Byzantine empire, since he was wearing a golden fabric, extremely expensive, by that time made in Constantinople only.

Nearby the village of Stareyshino (Kirkovo area in the Eastern Rhodopes) there is a beautiful nature area with a dome tomb, a small waterfall, and interesting rocks with drops of water falling on. The local Muslim people call this place “Damla Kaya” and consider it to be healing. There is a tradition to leave part of your clothes there, that’s why some of the branches of the trees are covered with pieces of wear and textile.

This is a wonderful destination for one day easy hiking within a diverse scenery. Chit Kaya in fact is the name of a high rocky peak, all covered with holes, carved in the stone during the Thracian epoch. The village of Lisitsite (Foxes) is the closest one – situated on the south bank of Studen kladenets lake, 7 km away from the city of Kardzhali. It is reachable from the side of Shiroko pole village (north bank, see the map). The itinerary goes on a path in a coniferous forest, passes a pedestrian rope bridge over the lake, another path in deciduous forest and through bizarre rocky formations goes up to the peak called Chit Kaya. From the peak you have one of the most amazing views of the Eastern Rhodopes mountains – to the lake Studen kladenets, river Varbitsa, East part of Kardzhali and part of the Monyak fortress. Many itineraries are described HERE, so that you can easily choose your favorite and explore the mountain.

Close to the village of Chernichevo in the Eastern Rhodopes interesting sites are situated. There are a complex of necropolis and dolmens, Medieval fortresses, and two churches. The dolmens date from the Early-Iron age and are impressive with their huge monolithic structure. These are the oldest tombs which were very popular in Thracian times. Chernichevo is a nice and intersting village surrounded by rich biodiversity. Habar dere is a lovely nature area – great place for all dark-green nature lovers.

Harman kaya is a rocky complex from the Megalith culture in the Eastern Rhodopes. It is situated in a lovely nature area, near the village of Bivolyane. The complex is a whole assemble of stone tools from the megalith epoch – rooms, tombs, huge stone plates for wine making, stairs, niches, altars, etc. As well as the other megalith structures in the Rhodopes, also Harman Kaya was used to honor the Rock and the God Sun.

In Eastern Rhodopes, Momchilgrad area a cult complex from prehistoric times attracts visitors from all over the world. It is believed that at this place a complex was built and was associated with the cult of the ancient poet and hero Orpheus. During the Byzantine era the pagan shrine was replaced with a fortified estate of a rich person. Now the site is a cultural monument situated 15 km away from the town of Momchilgrad. Easy walking trail leads you from the village of Tatul to the monument. The view is wonderful.