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Ancient History and Culture of the Rhodopes

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Eastern Rhodope Mountains – a sacred place that has preserved sights from Ancient civilizations, kept old traditions, honored mythical gods and heroes who have left a trace in the historic memory of this land.
The cult complex “Perperikon” near city of Kardzhali is one of the wonders of the world. With its rich history this stone town lies unique archaeological artifacts, glorious history and culture and ancient prophecies. The most monumental rock tomb is the sanctuary near the village of Tatul. That place is associated with the cult of the mythical Orpheus and beliefs of ancient Thracians.
Only in the heart of the Eastern Rhodopes are hidden hundreds of rock niches – unique megaliths of Thracian culture. The remains of medieval fortresses near Krumovgrad and Kirkovo are very impressive. They testify to the ancient and glorious past of the area.
The Rhodopes legends are mysterious and exciting. They have often associated with the abundant rock and natural formations in the Eastern Rhodopes, with preserved to this day myths that have become part of the local folklore and traditions.
Only here you can find still unexplored ruins of long forgotten civilizations – places having attractive force to conquer with its grandeur and sacred beauty and to influence over the mystical perception of the people.




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